the bar at the Stage House Tavern in Scotch Plains, NJ
Tavern bar at the Stage House Tavern in Scotch Plains, NJ
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Stage House Cocktails

11. each
Cherub's Cup
Hendricks, St. Germain, lemon juice, strawberry, topped with champagne

Stoli Surprise
Stoli Strasberi, Blueberi, Raz, Onranji, triple sec, cranberry, pineapple juice, topped with lemon-lime soda

Grapefruit Splash
dry gin, pamplemousse, fresh grapefruit and lemon juices, topped with club soda

sweet tea vodka, Absolut Citron, iced tea, cranberry

Pimm's Lemonade
Pimm’s, vodka, peach, orange juice, lemonade, bitters

Black Bulleit Old Fashion
Muddled black cherries and oranges, Bulliet Bourbon, orange bitters

Winter in Vermont
grey goose, maple syrup, barrows, ginger liquor, star anise

Blueberry Vanilla Smash
titos vodka, vanilla simple, lemon juice, blueberry preserves, mint sprig, lemon slice, vanilla spritz

Chai Chiller Latte
chai cream liquor, rum chata, captain morgan, unsweetened black tea

grey goose vanilla, barrows ginger liquor, lemon juice, agave nectar, apple cider

Cheery Old Tom
greenhook old tom gin, pimento dram, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, vanilla simple syrup, club soda and a splash of OJ

Apple Spice Mojito
spicekey wiskey, apple cider, lime juice, agave nectar, mint sprigs, ginger ale, dusted w/cinnamon

Ocean Breeze
vodka, Malibu, Midori, pineapple juice

Tito’s vodka, pineapple juice, topped with champagne

Nice Pear
Double Cross vodka, Pear Berentzen, Captain Morgan, fresh pear puree, garnished with a Chilean baby pear

Dirty Double
Double Cross vodka, truffle olive juice, bleu cheese stuffed olive

Liquid Sunshine
Bacardi Limon, amaretto, sour, orange and pineapple juices

Spiced Cider Margarita
casamigos reposado tequila, aperol, lime juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, apple cider, orange slice, cinnamon

Wine by the Glass

Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir
6 oz pour ...... 6.


Amalaya 7.5

Hope Ends 7.5
Red Blend
South Australia

Penfolds 8.5
Shiraz, Koonunga Hills
South Australia

Castle Rock 8.5
Cuvee Pinot Noir

Folie à Deux 12.
Pinot Noir
Sonoma Coast

Caposaldo 8.5

Cartlidge & Brown 8.5
Cabernet Sauvignon

District 7 12.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Montery, California

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio
6 oz. pour ...... 6.


Monet Gravet 7.
South of France

Dr. Loosen 7.5

Hess selections 8.5
Monterey, California

Ferrani- Carano 8.5
Fume Blanc
Sonoma, California

Angeline 12.
Santa Barbara, California

Tap Beer

Blue Moon 6.
Belgium White CO
rich in wheat and biscuit, citrus and orange peel backing
5.4% ABV

Bud Light 3.5
American Lager MO
like a summer Friday on the patio
4.2% ABV

Coors Light 3.5
American Lager CO
you know the taste!
4.2% ABV

Goose Island IPA 6.
American IPA IL
a fruity aroma, dry malt middle, and long hop finish
5.9% ABV

Guinness Irish 6.
Irish Dry Stout IRL
rich and creamy with subtle hints of chocolate, coffee and malt
4.2% ABV

Allagash White 6.
Belgian Wheat Ale ME
wheat and spiced with coriander and orange peel, fruity and refreshing!
5.1% ABV

Sam Adams Seasonal 6.
see someone important for the description!

Stella Artois 6.
European Pale Lager BEL
crisp refreshing lager, hints of wheat honey and malt
5.0% ABV

Yuengling 3.5
American Lager PA
refreshing american, toast and corn hit first followed by caramel sweetness
4.5% ABV

Sweetwater 420 Strain G13 IPA 6.
American IPA (GA)
made with dank, dry hops and natural hemp flavors
6% ABV

Cigar City Maduro 7.
Brown Ale FL
notes of caramel, toffee, chocolate and hints of espresso
5.5% ABV

Local Rotating NJ Beer
Please ask server for details

Beer In the Bottle

The Usual Suspects
Amstel Light
European Lager 5.5

Angry Orchard
Hard Cider 5.5

Budweiser//Bud Light
American Lager 4.

Coors Light
American Lager 4.

Corona Extra//Corona Light
Mexican Lager 5.5

Heineken//Heineken Light
European Pale Lager 5.5

Michelob Ultra
American Lager 4.

Miller Light
American Lager 4.

Irish Red Ale 5.5

Our ‘Craftier’ Side
Dogfish Head 60 Minute
American IPA DE
citrusy floral hops, mild malty spice bitters and pine
6.0% ABV

Founders All Day
Session IPA MI
hop forward balance with light fruity body and sustained bitter finish
4.7% ABV

Sam Adams Boston 5.5
Vienna Lager MA
a balance of malty sweetness contrasted by hop spiciness and a smooth finish
4.9% ABV

Sixpoint Sweet Action 7.
Cream Pale Ale NY
a great balance of citrusy grapefruit hops, lemon and bready maltiness finishes hoppy
5.2% ABV

Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ 7.
American Pale Wheat Ale CA
sweet malts, pine, and citrus, a perfect balance of sweet and bitter
7.5% ABV

Magic Hat #9 7.
Pale Ale VT
dry, crisp, refreshing, not quite pale ale, the dr. Pepper of the beer world
5.1% ABV

New Belgium Fat Tire 7.
Amber Ale CO
light hop aromatic beginning rooted with vanilla, pepper orange zest, ginger root, and toffee
5.2% ABV

Ironbound Cider 7.
made locally with apples from New England and the Mid Atlantic
5.2% ABV

Cigar City Jai Alai 7.
American IPA FL
citrus upfront with a hint of caramel and tropical fruits
7.5% ABV

Firestone Mocha Merlin 7.
Milk Stout CA
with an infusion of local roast coffee, a dash of cocoa nibs and touch of seasonal sorcery
5.5% ABV

Left Hand Milk Stout 7.
English Milk Stout (CO)
roasted malt and coffee flavors
6% ABV

Revolution Fistmas 7.
Red Ale (IL)
steeped with ginger root, orange peel and aromas of baked bread and caramel
6.5% ABV

New Belgium Glütiny 7.
American Pale Ale (CO)
glutiny is brewed using an enzyme to break down proteins that trigger a reaction from gluten sensitive drinkers
6% ABV

Coffee Cocktails

7.5 each
Irish Coffee
jameson, coffee, whipped cream, crème dé menthe

Jamaican Coffee
meyer’s dark rum, whipped cream

Mexican Coffee
kahlua, tequila, whipped cream

Italian Coffee
kahlua, amaretto liqueur, whipped cream

Spanish Coffee
tia maria, rum, whipped cream

Espresso Martini
stoli vanilla, licor43, bailey’s irish cream, espresso

prices subject to change without notice

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