seating at the Stage House Tavern in Mountainside, NJ
seating at the Stage House Tavern in Mountainside, NJ
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To Our Friends and Family,

We set out on this path with the intention of only giving back to our community and those in need. The immediate outpour of support was overwhelming. However, after only one day, we realized that this need was greater than even we could handle while also adhering to experts and government directions to limit work and social gatherings. Without accessible means to vet all volunteers, we have come to the decision that the risk we are putting our volunteer staff members and those we are trying to help outweighs the good we are trying to do. Therefore, with heavy hearts we are suspending our meal donation service until further notice. Hopefully a time will come soon where we can safely resume operations and we want nothing more than to do so.

For the time being, we are combining all of our resources with our Somerset location. We ask that those who are truly in need at this time to reach out to them (732.873.3990) and they will do their best to help as many people as they possibly can.

Again, we are sorry. We were only trying to do some good at this crazy time and our hearts are broken that we simply cannot. As the news and spread of this virus is changing hour by hour, minute by minute, it is our hope that we can find a way soon. Until then, the concern for our staff’s and those who we would be serving’s safety was too much to bear. We love you all and we hope to have some better news in the near future.

Stay Safe,
Stage House Tavern

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